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A mechanic works underneath a car, tightening a bolt with a large wrench.

Many drivers like to take ownership over their automotive experience by administering maintenance and repairs on their own, and at Don Franklin Family of Dealerships, we are more than happy to support such individuals. Customers of our locations throughout Kentucky have access to a comprehensive line of products from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Specifically, we provide high-quality OEM parts for the GMC, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Buick, and Hyundai brands, including both gas-powered and diesel models.

What Are OEM Parts, Anyway?

We noted above that OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” but what does this actually mean in practice? In general, OEM auto parts are any components that were used by the vehicle’s manufacturer in the process of the vehicle’s construction. In some cases, these are made directly by the brand in an in-house facility. In other cases, they are produced by a third party specifically for the vehicle in question, at the request of the manufacturer.

Even if a part wasn’t made by the brand itself, it can still be OEM if it is a high-quality auto part designed to fit and operate in your model.

What is the Importance of Using OEM Parts for Your Maintenance and Repairs?

Have you ever had to replace or repair the same part more than once? Maybe you’ve ordered parts online, only to find that they won’t work well with the vehicle you choose to drive! Avoiding these perils is one of the main reasons that many drivers would rather choose the high-quality auto parts that you can find at dealerships.

While some people are drawn to the affordable prices of aftermarket parts, there is no guarantee that the components you buy will be compatible with your model. Not to mention, there are cases where using unapproved merchandise can void your automaker’s warranty. That is why we encourage you to buy OEM parts instead. Doing so, you can ensure that your model will continue to operate as intended.

What OEM Parts Do We Sell at Our Dealerships Throughout Kentucky?

As a retailer for a wide selection of OEM auto parts, you can count on our shop to have the most common equipment like spark plugs, brake pads, windshield wipers, and batteries already in stock. However, we can also assist you in finding more specialized pieces if necessary.

In addition to our impressive selection, we offer superior prices on a wide variety of OEM parts and accessories. In fact, it’s easy to save even more by checking out the OEM parts coupons at your local Don Franklin Auto dealership in KY!

Save Time and Place Your Parts Order Online

When you are ready to submit a parts order, you can do so simply by filling out a form online. We will be in touch as soon as your package is prepared and ready for pickup. If you have questions pertaining to part identification numbers or need assistance with installation, then we recommend you contact us.

Our service center can take care of just about any problem, repair, or upgrade that you can think of! Schedule service today if you’d like to have your OEM parts installed in-store.

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