Understanding Your Dashboard Warning Lights

December 13th, 2017 by

Your car communicates to you through the warning lights, sounds and smells that it produces. But before it gets to smell, the warning alerts on your dashboard should have enlightened you prompting an immediate action to prevent further damage. Below are some dashboard warnings light as presented to you at Don Franklin Family of Dealerships:

  • The coolant temperature alert – which indicates that the temperature has exceeded the average operating temperature. Check the coolant level, the fan operation, see if there are any leaks and inspect the radiator.
  • Brake system alert – the light comes on when; the brake fluid is low, when the parking brake is on and when the braking system has a problem.
  • Reduced power warning lights – it comes on when the engine has limited power output. When such happens, your engine or ECM requires professional diagnosis that involves scanning.

Visit our Somerset, KY dealership premises for inspection and maintenance depending on what your warning lights tell you.

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