Introducing Hyundai Blue Link® — A Convenience for Hyundai Drivers Like You!

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Remote starts are easy with the Blue Link smartphone app, available for Android and iOS
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Ever wish that you could control certain settings for your vehicle with a remote? Well, if you drive a new Hyundai model, now you can! With Hyundai Blue Link®, you can connect your mobile phone to your car, truck, or SUV with ease. This blog is dedicated to drivers who are interested in learning more about the services offered through it!

What is Hyundai Blue Link®?

Hyundai Blue Link is an application that links your new Hyundai vehicle to your personal smartphone. Plus, this app is compatible with other devices like Apple Watch®, Amazon Alexa, and Google™ Assistant. It is available for use with most of the models currently on the market, and those who sign up today can enjoy up to three years of connected car services for free!

What are Hyundai Blue Link® Connected Services?

There are many ways to put Hyundai Blue Link® to use! With it, you can…

  • Remote start your vehicle and set the perfect temperature before you ever set foot inside
  • Lock and unlock your doors as easily as entering a pin number on your phone
  • Get on-demand diagnostic alerts to stay on top of scheduled maintenance
  • Find nearby destinations via Send-to-Car by Google™
  • Remember where you parked with a map guide
  • & so much more!

Sign Up for Hyundai Blue Link® Today and Learn More at Don Franklin Family of Dealerships

The convenience offered by Hyundai Blue Link® make the Hyundai experience so much better. So, if you want to modernize the way you travel, then do not wait! Download the Hyundai Blue Link® app! Should you have questions or like a hands-on explanation of this tool, please feel free to contact our specialists or visit the nearest Don Franklin Family of Dealerships location.

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