Why Should I Buy a Used Hyundai Vehicle from You?

Nowadays it is absolutely necessary to have a car, both for professional and personal reasons. Simple things, like running errands, become much easier when you have a reliable vehicle by your side.

We know that a lot of the drivers who walk into one of our locations are shopping on a budget. This can make it hard to find a really good car. Not to worry, though – with our used Hyundai inventory you can get an efficient, reliable car for a low starting price.

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Looking for Adventure? Check Out Our Used Jeep Models!

Many of the people who visit our dealerships are looking for a car that is going to satiate their adventuring needs. Whether you are someone who likes to jump on the highway and chase the horizon, or you like to traverse the woods and other terrains, there is a specific kind of vehicle that is going to provide you with the tools to accomplish that: a Jeep vehicle.

Used Jeep vehicles provide you an incredible investment opportunity, thanks to their competitive starting prices, while still delivering the performance abilities you look for in a quality vehicle.

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Your Differential Is Essential to Creating Forward Motion with Your Vehicle

Getting the power that your engine generates translated into forward motion is a complex process involving a lot of gears. One of the most important components to this is your differential.

Your differential is essentially a gearbox that resides in the center of your axle. The power that your engine generates is sent to the transmission which is where your gearing is done. That powers the driveline that runs down the length of your vehicle. This rotates and powers your differential. As the differential turns, it sends power to the wheels so that they turn.

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The Ram 1500 Big Horn Offers Features to Make It Worth Your Money

When you are searching for a truck, you are looking for a vehicle that you will have fun with and one that you will enjoy driving. The Ram 1500 Big Horn is a truck that is worth every cent that you spend on it and one that you will love to own.

The Ram 1500 Big Horn has features that make it worth the money that you spend on it, including a great display for you as the driver. You can easily see what speed you are traveling at with help from this display. This vehicle is set up with…

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Understanding the History of Horsepower

What exactly is horsepower? It is a term that we hear thrown around quite often but did you actually know where it came from? The roots of horsepower start back in the 18th century. Horses were the main tool used to perform work and were used in comparable ways to modern day tractors. Around this time an engineer by the name of James Watt needed to find out a way to sell his steam engine.

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How Salt & Sand Might Save Your Life This Winter

Every year the number of people that slip and fall on the ice might surprise you. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that each year about one million Americans slip and fall every year and of those who fall, about 17,000 of them will result in a fatal injury. Keeping two items handy can help prevent a serious fall this winter; sodium chloride rock salt and sand.

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Figure Out the Whole Cost of Owning a Vehicle

You want to own a vehicle, whether that means leasing or purchasing one outright. It is time to figure out the whole cost of owning a vehicle so that you can know which type of vehicle is affordable to you. Fortunately for local Kentucky drivers who are on the fence, our team at Don Franklin Family of Dealerships is here to guide you to your unique standard for success.

There are costs that some overlook when it comes to owning a vehicle. You need to set money aside for any repairs that your vehicle might need to have completed. There…

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Understanding Your Dashboard Warning Lights

Your car communicates to you through the warning lights, sounds and smells that it produces. But before it gets to smell, the warning alerts on your dashboard should have enlightened you prompting an immediate action to prevent further damage. Below are some dashboard warnings light as presented to you at Don Franklin Family of Dealerships:

Visit our Somerset, KY dealership premises for inspection and maintenance depending on what your warning lights tell you.

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Lease End

When your car lease end, there are things that you should expect. The very first thing that you must wait is the inspection. Apparently, most of the manufacturers provide information concerning the end-of-lease process. They also define wear and tear. 

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